Overnight Cinnamon Rolls


This homeownership thing is starting to catch up with my blogging. I always have something to do (which I like), which means blogging takes a way side sometimes. I’m learning new ways of time management, and trying to accept what I cannot change. Overnight cinnamon rolls are great for busy times. Make them the night before, pop them in the fridge, and then bake them off in the morning.

I made these red velvet cinnamon rolls from the Law Student’s Wife. They were pretty tasty, but I may knead it a bit less, or try to make them a bit more tender.

I also made the gourmeted cinnamon rolls I loved 4 years ago, but didn’t feel the same way about them this time. They were fine, but… Maybe I just wasn’t in much of a cinnamon roll mood when I made these.

I do like overnight ferments of pretty much any bready things lately. It helps develop a little more flavor, and while it spreads out the prep time, it makes it easier for me to plan out when I want it ready.

Mornings like this make me smile, though. Mornings when I pretend I’m a housewife who Betty Crockers it up and totally didn’t have to take off the toilet from the base to find roots, then self-rootered them out, and cracked a tile reattaching the toilet to the bolts. At least I’ve got a somewhat decent knack for toilet plumbing, though I wish it would have extended to click lock flooring. Sigh. Epic sigh. Deep breath. Not a big deal. It’s not a big deal. We’ve got a cement slab, and it’s just a bare slab now, so my house has a Halloween theme going on in parts of it. Yes, that’s it – Halloween house. I think I’m more bothered that this bothers me, than not actually being good at it (which is progress in and of itself).

Cream cheese frosting also helps. I’m also happy that I live near new friends, so I can ninja-drop cinnamon rolls in their garage.

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  1. Breakfast of champions. It’s nice living near a Ninja.

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