Smoked Brisket


What better of a way to celebrate one year of being in the house than smoking up a brisket for friends?

I picked up a whole Naturewell beef brisket from Restaurant Depot for about $3.50/lb. This about about 13-15 lbs, as I recall.

And barely fit on the meat cutting board.

I measured it and realized it wouldn’t fit on the Weber grill, so I sliced it in half, trying to get the flat and the point separated. I did a pretty shitty job of it, but well, the cut was made.

Just did a simple salt, pepper, sugar rub, maybe a bit of paprika and cumin. Rubbed it the night before, wrapped it, and let it sit before getting ready to smoke.

Trimmed out the hunk of fat from the middle of the point section.

Then also rubbed and wrapped.

Cutting it in two made it a lot easier to store in the fridge, at least.

And then, well, I woke up around 4/5 AM to start the coals, topped with apple wood chips, brushed every few hours with apple cider, and… I must have started it a bit hot because it hit temp around 10/11 AM! I was expecting a 12 hour smoke. I was pretty sure I’d effed it up, and hard, but I wrapped it in foil and held it at 190/200F in the oven until it was ready to serve.

It didn’t turn out too bad. I’d realized I picked the most difficult type of beef to smoke for a large crowd with no experience in smoking it before. Not a great idea on my part, but it turned out okay. Not dry, and pretty smoky! I’m happy about that for a first try. It also went surprisingly fast, so it must have been pretty acceptable to my crowd, too.

  1. Tom said:

    i never realized we even had a Restaurant Depot locally. out of curiosity, how did you gain entry? thought it was business only?

    • Yep – there’s one in Colonie on Warehouse Row behind Target.

      Re: Entry. Oh, I have my ways.

  2. llcwine said:

    Very cool…and looks good…it’s hard on that Weber grill…I’m impressed with your ambition

  3. more than pretty acceptable! it was delicious. the apple tree that keeps on giving 🙂

  4. phairhead said:

    It was TASTY

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