Not Too Shabby Cake Making


I don’t really consider myself much of a cake decorator. R has some amazing cake decorating skills. Me? Well, I used to suck hard at baking cakes, but now, with practice, I am getting better with that feat. I’m still not a very fast, or precise cake decorator, but with practice, my limited skills are improving. I read NPR’s article, “Struggle for Smarts? How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning” and that really struck a chord for me lately. When I was a kid, my Dad would reiterate practicing over, and over, and over, and… but the rest of my influences were primarily western, promoting this idea of practicing a little bit, but of innate ability. The western influence won out, but the older I get, the more I see that practice will improve performance over time, regardless of ability. You may never be perfect at something, but if you keep trying, you may improve every so subtly over time (Though, Dad, just between us, going to have the coordination to excel at any sort to team sports). Sometimes you fail (miserably) despite following all the rules. Sometimes you don’t follow the rules and things turn out okay. Sometimes you don’t follow the traditional path society sets in front of you.

I’ve never had much luck at white cakes, but of all things, the recipe on the back of the King Arthur pastry flour box worked wonders! It was so moist, and the crumb was quite tender. It was almost pudding-like. I sliced the two cake rounds in half, and spread them with some guava paste I watered down into a workable jam-like consistency, and a whole lot of buttercream.

Much like I have a strong love for Hello Kitty, my friend has a strong love for anything Disney. So a few Mickeyrons were on the menu, as were a few regular macarons.

Filled Mickeyrons with guava buttercream. These cracked a bit where the ears me the body in a few of the mickeyrons, but not all of them.

Fin! I made the cakes a week or so ahead of time, wrapped them whole (not sliced) in saran wrap, and then stuck them in freezer bags (and in the freezer) until the night before I needed them. It made the whole process a lot easier for me, and less overwhelming than making and decorating a cake in 1-2 days. I had a cake carrier at one point, but lost it. So far I’ve had decent luck with putting the cake on a normal dinner plate, and then driving very carefully.


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