Happy Blahlidays


Here’s a random picture of 5kg/11lb Callebaut chocolate bars I picked up at Restaurant Depot for ~$5/lb. They are kind of a bitch to break apart (the easiest way is to drop/slam them from a height.

How are your holidays going? This year, I am just so not feeling the holidays, or like being close to anyone. I’d just like to go hibernate from Thanksgiving through Christmas. No holiday decorations are up. No dozens upon dozens of different types of cookies. No cookie swaps, no excitement at all for any of what I’m missing/not doing either. I haven’t even bought gifts, which is now starting to fill me with moderate anxiety since I feel kind of like I should. It’s weird. I feel like I should be going through these motions, but I can’t really bring myself to do it. No wee ones to pass traditions off to, so I figure this is a good year to be all blahlidays about this time of year.

Any way, how are you holidays going?

1 comment
  1. Jason said:

    What are you gonna do with over 100$ of chocolate?!

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