Effin Fondants


Think: “I’m gonna make fondants,” “I am so gonna make fondants, chocolate covered fondants,” “ZOMG, I need a bunch of cute molds for fondants because THIS IS WHO I WILL BE!”

Make fondants.

“FTS. I am never doing this shizz ever again.”

Sooo, my adventures in fondant making were successful, but time consuming. From start to finish, it was a multi-day project, and waaayyy too sweet for me. The husbear, my own sugar fiend, loved them, and is sad to hear this was my first and only endeavor.

Painting the chocolate into these molds was a bitch and a half. Oh my gosh. And tempering the chocolate? Wow, I’m actually surprised I succeeded at first try on that one, but I did. Glossy little fondants, all around.

The fondant filling I used was a purely sugar based fondant, which was… way too sugary for me. Haha. I need fat! And when you make just the sugar

So. Much. time. But hey, most things are painfully time consuming at first.

They did look cute. Maybe I will try them again.


After all, I do have two sets of rosette molds that are perfect for filled chocolates. Sigh. Okay. I’ll try it again. Eventually.

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