Welcome To the Gym


Welcome. Are you new? Well, it’s good to have you here.

It’s January, when folks typically start on the new year’s resolutions and going to the gym more often.

Consider this your pep talk – you can stick with it! You can find something you like. Maybe you take a few classes and decide you love kickboxing. Or maybe you’re a dance queen.

Maybe you want to branch out into weights. I think taking a few weights classes  are good to learn form on your own, or find a friend (hiiii) who is comfortable in the gym. I really like the BodySpace app on Bodybuilding. You can search for a variety of workouts and programs, and track them in one place on your phone. I’m incredibly lazy, so I’ll never be one of those people in the gym with a sheet of paper or a notebook with my workout ready to go, but it’s easy to follow a program for a few weeks, or pickout a workout by whim.

But hey – good job! Keep it up! And you know what? Half-assing it in the gym is better than no-assing it. So when those inner voices start in on you: “You are so fat. These shorts look ridiculous. Seriously, what do you think this is going to do? You can’t do this.” you don’t listen to them. If you don’t feel up to a big and crazy workout, do something to get yourself moving, and tell those inner voices to suck it. This takes a while, but you can get over that negative self talk. I went to the gym earlier this week feeling pretty blah, and the negative thoughts started “Ugh. Why am I here today? I don’t want to be here. What, you’re going to wear *that* to workout in? Everyone will be looking at you, and then they’ll notice how much you suck at working out.” And then the other part of my brain retorted “You know what, I don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’m going to figure something out. It might not be super hard, but it’ll be challenging. You know what – lats, back, and shoulders. And yep, I am going to wear this ridiculous outfit because it’s also kind of hilarious, and maybe it’ll make someone else smile while they’re working out, so shut it.”

So keep it up, keep with it. I’m not a resolutioner, but tis the season. Scale your resolutions down if you have ’em. Focus on getting healthy, not the numbers on the scale or your clothing size.

And holler if you really need a workout buddy to keep you motivated. I promise I won’t make you do a 2 hour workout the first time we pump iron.

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