NYS Fair (and Ticket Giveaway!)

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It’s summer, which means that it’s time for the New York State Fair in Syracuse! The fair will be August 27th – September 7th. There’s a ton of stuff to do and see. Did you go to fairs as a kid? What was/is your favorite thing to do? When I was little I LOVED the rides. and the NYS Fair has discounted tickets for $20 for a day pass to ride all you want (available here), which is a pretty good deal if you plan on riding more than 3-4 rides.

And FOOD. Let’s talk food. There’s butter sculptures to see, a ton of food to eat, and cooking competitions.

Did you know there’s also a parade every day at 6 pm? I didn’t. That’ll be cool to check out.

There are also special fair days like :

8/28 Pride Day
8/31 Dairy Day
9/01 Beef Day
9/02 Women’s Day9/03 Armed Forces Day (free admission with ID for active duty and veterans)

Want a pair of tickets to attend the NYS Fair? The New York State Fair is giving me a pair plus a parking pass, and a pair of tickets and parking pass to you, too! Add a comment down below about what you’d like to do at the fair! Use a valid email address, and be comfortable sharing your address over email. Contest closes Thursday, 8/13.

  1. Ginny said:

    Specifically? Eat funnel cake and popcorn while I make fun of ….stuff.

  2. Maggie said:

    I would love the free passes because my son has never been to a fair before and although as a fam we have lived upstate for over 10 years my husband and I both grew up in Flushing and never experienced this. Would be a great outing for us!

  3. Beverly said:

    I haven’t been to the fair in years. I think the first thing I would do is check out the exhibits while eating all of the fair food I could handle (which sadly, isn’t anywhere near as much as it used to be!)

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